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Open letter to the Supreme Court of the United States of America with some important legal questions

Open letter to the Supreme Court of the United States of America with some important legal questions

The democracy of our republic is founded on our constitution, our rule of law, and the decisions we have made as a country for the last 243 years of this nation. Now, in 2020, it is incumbent upon the responsibilities of the Supreme Court to clarify some legal questions that we, the citizens of the United States of America, are all currently unclear on. Please consider them not as a representative of your political sports-team, but as a citizen of the United States that you have known and served.

  1. If we are investigated, can we knowingly lie to the FBI and get away with it as long as we infer a criminal conspiracy with or without evidence?
  2. Will I be arrested if I run for office and order my personal attorney to bribe people who have damaging information on me?
  3. If a group of us engages another country and bribes their officials to manufacture scandal against our political opponents, is that “fair game” now?
  4. Is it OK for us to manufacture criminal conspiracies against anyone who comes to hold us accountable?
  5. Can we throw press conferences where we pay women to slander and libel people leading investigations into us without repercussion?
  6. Is it now acceptable for us to offer our polling data to hostile foreign nations, considering that isn’t what Manafort ended up going to prison for?
  7. Is it OK for me to enrich myself using my own businesses to take both US state and foreign donations through said business?
  8. If I misuse my charity to support my political campaign, will I be held accountable?
  9. Will the US government to offer me blanket immunity for non-profit offenses, then have the evidence supporting that pardon be withheld from congress?
  10. Is it still a conspiracy to commit crime when you are caught on tape ordering your personal attorney to commit crimes?
  11. Can we, on camera, ask hostile foreign nations to disrupt our elections and offer them compensation to do so?
  12. Will it now be permissible to meet with Russian Intelligence agents to receive dirt on our political opponents?
  13. Can we funnel foreign donations from Russian-held oil companies through our inaugural fund now?
  14. Is it ok to sack a government agency, get caught up in ethics and criminal investigations within the EPA and avoid accountability by resigning?
  15. Can we use our office for personal gain and get away with it as long as we resign?
  16. Are we allowed to foment insurrection against the United States of America as long as it supports our partisan team now?
  17. Will it be ok to fire anyone who tries to hold us accountable if we are in a position to do so?
  18. Will the next President be in violation of his/her oath if they accuse half of the nation of treason?
  19. Can we, as private contractors, meet with foreign dignitaries on behalf of the United States and coordinate security and backchannels with hostile foreign governments?
  20. Can we lie to congress about our meetings and get away with it as long as we claim we don’t remember?
  21. Can we lie to congress about our actions as a private citizen and get away with it?
  22. Can we call foreign diplomats multiple times on the day President Obama levied sanctions against Russia for interference in our election process and assure them we won’t honor those sanctions?
  23. Can we engage in Obstruction of Justice without repercussion if we are elected President?
  24. Can we slander and libel foreign nations, using our position to push false accusations and manufacture conspiracy against our enemies?
  25. Will it be permissible in the future for the party in power to leverage foreign allies in their upcoming elections?
  26. Will personal attorneys for the president be held accountable for politicizing the DOJ and State department as a private citizen to conspire against his clients political opponent?
  27. If elected, can the next Democrat president avoid his sworn duties to protect our nation from threats both foreign and domestic by deferring responsibility to the states?
  28. Will the next president be permitted to call our intelligence agencies and DOJ investigators traitors for investigating him?

Finally, and most importantly, is there any more rule of law in the United States of America, or have we decided that the laws are decided by the party in power? Because if that is the case, then the legacy of the Supreme court this century will be that of the group that ultimately failed to save the Democracy of our Republic.

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