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5 Reasons Convicted Felon Donald Trump Now Faces Uphill Battle in 2024 Election

5 Reasons Convicted Felon Donald Trump Now Faces Uphill Battle in 2024 Election

The talking point being thrown around by the right-wing leading up to the verdict has been that a guilty conviction would guarantee a Trump election. This is, of course, completely ridiculous and based in nothing other than a confirmation bias that has been developed and trained over the years in the Republican party. The idea being a simple one, that an outraged Republican party will be more motivated than ever to turnout to the polls and vote for a convicted felon, primarily because he’s wearing the same political sports team jersey they are. This is not what the outcome of this verdict will be, and for several reasons.

Media Messaging
In the United States, we are innocent until proven guilty, and the media has to couch their terminology to presume innocence when speaking of those not yet convicted. This may seem like a minor point, but in the world of social media where branding is constant and pithy taglines subconsciously stack in our collective psyche, it matters. Referring to ‘convicted felon Donald Trump’ will become ubiquitous in the public discourse, and anyone in a debate with the many bots, trolls, sock-puppets, and people these elements have manipulated through identity politics, now has a real simple response to any point made about Trump. Convicted by a jury of peers for election fraud, business fraud, sexual assault (and soon to be many more), Convicted Election Fraudster Donald Trump has a PR nightmare on his hands, one that will absolutely distract him during the most crucial campaign period.

A Crack in the Armor
No longer ‘Teflon Don’, convicted felon Donald Trump is no longer invincible. After decades of avoiding accountability for a host of fraud spanning from his time as a developer, Trump University, Trump Org, Election Fraud with Stormy Daniels, and his post-presidential crimes, both the right and the left were in alignment on the idea that Trump might never face criminal conviction for his actions. While the right-wing believes this will motivate their own, the real winners of the mobilization enthusiasm will be the left, independents, and never-trumpers who now have momentum (and another potential 62 guilty verdicts in other cases) to inspire confidence in their efforts.

Republican Lethargy
In fact, converse to the idea of this motivating the right-wing, we can already see signs of a resurgence of “Never-Trump” Republicans and independents. At a libertarian rally in May, Convicted Felon Donald Trump was humiliated by a group that he was absolutely certain would follow him over Joe Biden. He was booed off stage, then laughed at upon his exit by a majority in the room. Additionally, Trump opponent and Republican Liz Cheney who was expelled from the party over her refusal to support him generated a larger crowd than Convicted Fraudster Trump was able to at many of his own rallies. In short, Republicans are tired of standing up for him, believing things that they have to convince themselves of, and supporting the actions of their most radical members for fear of expulsion or reprisal if they do not.

Global Reputation
Those looking at the big picture understand how electing a convicted felon damages the reputation of the United States of America among world leaders and the populations they represent. Liable rapist Donald Trump may appeal to right-wing nationalism in the US, but outside the country he is mostly considered a joke. An estimated 50% of his ‘supporters’ on social media are said to be sock-puppet’s, often controlled by foreign governments looking to prop up convicted felon Trump as a way to weaken America. That their support admittedly harms the United States should be telling enough.

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Corporate Dollars Will Dry Up or Shift to Biden
Corporate dollars are what wins elections, and while dark-money will still flow to Trump, supporting a convicted felon is going to be a hard sell for many boards. Industry veterans can no doubt see the writing on the wall for Trump at this point, and convincing an organization to throw away money on someone who would reflect poorly on their brand is something that many will avoid.

In conclusion, the notion that a guilty conviction would guarantee Donald Trump’s reelection is unfounded and rooted in a deep-seated confirmation bias within the Republican Party. The reality is far more complex. Media messaging will inevitably shift to highlight Trump’s status as a convicted felon, which will tarnish his public image and create a significant distraction during his campaign. This shift in perception will mobilize the left, independents, and never-Trump Republicans, who will see Trump’s conviction as a long-awaited accountability, galvanizing their efforts…and that is just the start of Trump’s problems.

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