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Divided and Conquered. An appeal to the Right-Wing

Divided and Conquered. An appeal to the Right-Wing

We really do get it – you won. Our President is one that you chose, you voted him in, our candidate lost. Many of us on the left are at peace with that. But we are not your enemy, and we have grave concerns with the idea that we are being positioned as exactly that by this President. Our fear is one we share with our founding fathers; the idea that someday, a nation divided would be used against the Republic by hostile foreign interests. We fear that one of the primary issues defined in the Federalist Papers; that our “well-constructed Union” should be strong enough in “its tendency to break and control the violence of faction.”.

We are divided moreso than we have ever been in the history of our nation. In this we can all agree on, and if we accept this as truth, then we also have to accept as truth that those who seek to divide us are not doing so for our benefit. Partisanship and self-interest can fracture our relatively new nation just like it has fractured so many nations and empires before. The only way we can accomplish this is going back to the roots of our nation and deciding what the United States of America means to us.

This President has called us your “enemy”. We are not your enemy, nor are you ours. We are your friends, your family, your neighbors, your community, and your nation, and we are all in it together. Yes, we may disagree, but our ideas and opinions do not need to be mutually exclusive. We do not hate others that think differently than we, we simply need to engage in discourse with honesty and compassion towards each other.

Only we can make the decision to break America, and that is why hostile foreign nations and special interests are seeking to use use to do so. All their weapons, soldiers, resources and etc. mean nothing against our global power, so they are seeking to break us apart from the inside. It is working. United We Stand, Divided we Fall. As such, only we can make the decision to preserve our nation and our nations laws.

We are not seeking to impeach the president because we “don’t like him”, we are seeking to impeach the president because he doesn’t like us, and he is looking to use you against us in order to hold on to that power. We have to put aside our labels for this momentous period in history and make some decisions. On the left, our decisions are on whether we want to risk our position in government by doing what we honestly feel is right. Our Friends on the right need to decide whether or not the President of the United States is right when he calls us our enemy. And if they feel he *is* right, and that we are the enemy, then we are already doomed.

If you do nothing else in your fight to preserve your ideologies, please just think about this one thing. We are not your enemy. And if this is true, and you believe we are not, then we need to work together to first convince the rest of us.

Let’s not let this be the defining moment in the Decline of our United States of America.

-An American.

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