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Senate 2020 Call to Action

Senate 2020 Call to Action

It can be argued that flipping the Senate in 2020 could be more vital than taking the Presidency. Republicans have killed bills for election security. With Grim Reaper Mitch McConnell being the main culprit, the often bipartisan bills are gathering dust on his desk. The Grand ole Party is afraid that they cannot hold the Presidency without help from foreign adversaries. Can’t win fairly? Cheat. Or have an adversary cheat for you. This has become an defining characteristic of the current and past GOP. Between keeping election security in limbo, and parroting foreign propaganda, the GOP no longer works for you.

With a GOP Senate, and a Trump victory in 2020 irreversible damage could be done to our country. They would take it as a mandate to continue their attacks on our democracy. We cannot afford this to happen. The future of the United States Of America is at stake.

We here at Blue Wave Collective won’t lie. It is going to be difficult. Really difficult. But, that doesn’t mean we don’t try. Here is a list of challengers in states that may have a slim chance of either taking the seat from the Republican incumbent or keeping their own seat. It is not a comprehensive list, there are more candidates running, but these are some prominent ones. The deck is stacked, but that has never stopped us from trying before. Consider donating to some of these Senate hopefuls. we cannot let this Presidency and Senate continue with impunity. Resist

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