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So Biden wasn’t your top choice. Want to hear the good news?

So Biden wasn’t your top choice. Want to hear the good news?

The response to Joe Biden’s win the morning after Super Tuesday was tepid. There was some disappointment across the other candidates’ camps that this was not their first choice, but the troll factories and right-wing agitation machines don’t have the time to coordinate on their attack narratives in this scenario. While they are regrouping, we have some time to adjust perspectives as well, so let us give you all some electability rays of sunshine regarding Joe Biden:


  1. Biden was Vice President for 8 years of economic expansion

While Trump will attempt to take credit for this economy every chance he gets, Biden has a legitimate claim to it. He was Vice President in the administration that turned a recession around 120 months ago. An economic recovery that would continue throughout the 96 months of his Vice Presidency. Trump only inherited that economy 38 months ago, promptly knocking it off its rails.


  1. Joe Biden will probably name Stacey Abrams as his VP

The right-wing will claim that he is appointing her based on the fact-that she is a woman of color, as opposed to accepting her for her merit on one very important subject: Gerrymandering. The office of the VP doesn’t have a lot of power but overseeing a national reform of our elections is a project perfectly suited for the office, and Abrams, regardless of race or gender, is perfectly suited to address that issue. That she is a woman of color is a just a bonus in inclusivity.


  1. The American people will be FAR more likely to give Democrats control of Senate with Biden vs. other candidates

We on the left all love positions and various attributes of Sanders, Warren, Buttigieg, Klobuchar, Bloomberg, etc. but let’s face it – some key demographics of this country aren’t ready for it. The 2016 elections were decided by around 3 points. Independents, Christians, Senior Citizens, the South, etc. Swing elections. Biden appeals to all of these demographics, while other candidates were very polarizing among them.


  1. Biden will fortify ACA and perhaps even get us a Public Option

Both Biden and Abrams are strong supporters of fortifying ACA and getting rid of elements of the plan that could make it even more beneficial than M4A. Particularly, a strong public option could give us the best of both worlds on healthcare issues.


  1. With Recession before elections almost certain, Wall Street will take Biden seriously as someone in power when the country was pulled out of the last recession

Similar to point one, but an important difference. “Wall Street” support – which is a way of saying the capitalist establishment, will 100% support Biden over Trump. Those in power understand that they have had a feeding frenzy for the last 3 years, and that it’s time to get serious again and focus on the fundamentals of this country and its infrastructure, organizations, and mechanisms.


  1. Obama and his coalition will activate to defeat Trump

We will see it as soon as today, the Obama machine (which is considerable) will activate for Joe. Prior to Super Tuesday, this would have been a bad idea and risky, as it was important to Obama (based on statements) that the primaries be fair and unencumbered with bias. Despite outcry, Tom Perez has done a fairly decent job of this, and Obama has done a great job staying out of the fray. That will change today.


  1. It’s not about Biden as president, it is appointing who he appoints

The biggest swaths of damage that Trump is responsible for isn’t just in his actions, it is in who he appoints. Gorsuch and Kavanaugh to SCOTUS, Pruitt to EPA, DeVoss to education, Zinke and Bernhardt to the interior, and any magnate or lobbyist who could gain from sacking their department as appointment to every department. The damage that three years of this has done to our country will be felt for decades. Biden already has a mechanism in place to restore these agencies by choosing people he knows, has worked with, and understands how to reverse that damage in place.


  1. The debates will be hilarious

While Joe isn’t known for being the most erudite individual, he does have a quick wit when it comes to debates. He knows he can goad Trump into hilarious outbursts that will only emphasize Trump’s weak and petulant persona.


  1. Joe Biden is the best chance at getting an obstructionist GOP Senate to work with him

He knows every Senator with any tenure in the halls of congress, and most of the Representatives. He doesn’t need to build political capital with them, as he has spent decades as one of them doing exactly that. While a Sanders or Warren presidency would have brought about key, necessary systemic changes, it would have been a fight to do so every step of the way. With Biden, actual progress is possible as out of all the candidates, he has the best chance of getting both sides of the aisle working together.


  1. He’s actually a good person, with a genuine history of doing the right thing

Has he had missteps in DACA votes, SCOTUS controversy, and some votes he was involved in decades and an entire generation ago? Yes, who hasn’t. Line up his controversies next to Trump, and we quickly see that 4 bad decisions in 40+ years of government service is actually pretty phenomenal.


Bonus Point: He is known and respected on the world stage, with a solid track record on foreign policy.


In summary, if you want to know the reality of Joe Biden, simply listen to him talk. Hear out his plans and understand the most important truth of all. Biden isn’t Trump.


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