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A Letter to My Future

A Letter to My Future

Dear Future,

I am writing in hopes that this letter finds you in good standing. That the bowels of hate have not spilled open and consumed every inch of the opportunities I have worked so hard to ensure for you. That the bubble of protection I have surrounded you with has not popped and forced opened your eyes to such malice and ill intent. That you have a place in this world.

With the news filled with fear, sadness, and death; it is hard to get past the little things at times. A bad morning turning into an even worse day. A bad grade ruining the outlook at the semester. A bad interaction turning into a negative mood towards others. It is so easy to get lost in the mayhem at times. So easy to lose sight of the outcome of the fight. The fight to live. The fight to exist. I hope that you are not lost. That you are not entangled in this web of lies set out to catch anyone who is blinded by the pretty bows and wrapping paper of false enticement.

Do not fall victim to the distractions placed at every corner in your journey. Your destiny is full of twists and turns, but it is up to you to not waver. It is up to you to take your steps with knowledge and confidence. It is up to you to bring to reality the dreams those before you thought impossible. I write so that you won’t have to. I write so that you won’t be in need, that you won’t be in turmoil over the injustices happening on our front doorsteps and behind closed doors. I write so that you will become the justice and moral compass that we so desperately need moving forward.

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You are my future. Our future. The continuation of the legacy that is us. The positive change that the world is thirsting for. The brightest of minds and kindest of hearts. You are the Lawmakers, Engineers, Doctors, Firefighters, Teachers, Farmers, Scientists, CEO’s and Professionals that will be shaping the world to come. You are our new hope.
I write so that you never falter. That you will be strong and keep the world’s best interests in the forefront. That you will be the light that will shine through past these dark times. That you will shape the shores with integrity. You are the wave.

Sincerely, Your Truth

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