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Recharge your Resistance

Recharge your Resistance

 Are you feeling beat up and worn down, your normally sharp edge ground down to a dull imitation of it’s former glory? Feeling like your brain cannot handle the constant influx of info that it is receiving? Feeling a general sense of unease in your daily life? Do you feel guilt when you take a necessary break from national and global news? You should feel that way. Its normal to feel this way as a result of the 24/7 barrage of noise and news. We all need to keep on our toes in these times, and although these times aren’t normal, It is normal to feel overwhelmed and exhausted. 

 Your exhaustion is not simply a natural result of the media storm, it is also by design from this administration. The plan to wear you down is an essential byproduct if not purposeful result of constant breaking news, non-news, distractions and mass tweets at all hours of the day. The constant setting of fires and then extinguishing them is a hallmark of the Trump presidency. This aspect of the administration has the amazingly acute ability to wear down resistance and opposition with its combination of disturbing policies and legislation that deserve true opposition and its  sensationalized non-news. It’s the Chinese water torture of America’s political culture. 

 This is perhaps the most important and jarring effect of this presidency. The normalization of abnormal presidential behavior, and acceptance of reckless foreign and domestic policy. All of this steeped in jingoism and racism. To you, the resistance, it will never be normal. However, to millions of Americans, this normalization effect is more subtle in its infiltration, while to us, It is blatant. They have forgotten what a true leader sounds and acts like, or have perhaps ignored politics until the reign of Trump, and have nothing in memory to compare it to. They have accepted the insanity and all the garbage that comes with it. 

 Fascism and other ”isms“ tend to thrive not by it’s political principles, but by fear of the unknown, a strongman, a demagogue who will claim to be able to reverse all the evils that the public sees. Its followers are led by a steady stream of propaganda and lies that cater to their baser instincts. Fascism needs a willing populace to progress, and minority scapegoat to excel. It’s also very adept at creating problems and enemies that did not exist prior to the demagogue’s arrival. They have all followed the same modus operandi. Only the strongman or dictator can fix the ills of society. They play up the fear of opposition parties, fear of “others” (minorities by race, creed or gender) and fear of other nations. Fear is a main motivator to keep the followers loyal. And in the form of a failed businessman TV huckster came our very American version of Fascism- Trumpism. 

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So, the question is, do you know how to treat yourself during these times of Trumpism and uncertainty? How to be a conscientious objector in a community of supporters? Maybe how to detach and unplug for a bit of time to relax. These things are important to every resister, no matter who you are or how tough you think you may be. They are also intimate to each individual as far as what is needed to take a break and recharge. Without you, there is no resistance. Without a resistance? There is no America. At least not the America we used to know.
So, a little advice to you from Blue Wave Collective.

  1. Take your political breaks when necessary. It is exhausting to exist in the age of Trumpism if you are not a member of the cult. It’s better to not be “on” 24/7 if it causes your personal life and mental well being to suffer.
  2. Choose your battles. Choose fights that have meaning. Cletus on Facebook’s Fox News page is never going to see the light. Fighting with your boss about politics may not be a good hill to die on either. Perhaps you may even cultivate a public and private persona if you live in a Trump heavy region. Be strategic in how you use your energy to create change.
  3. If you are a Creative, inject your creativity into your Resistance. Write. Paint. Sing. Often the greatest artistic works come from dark tumultuous times. This also makes Resisting more personally meaningful and valuable. This can also tie into the next one, number 4.
  4. When it gets to be too much, take a break and do what you love. Be with family and friends. Watch Netflix. Read. Do you. Whether it is something creative, work or even simply putting your phone down and going out for a walk, do it. You deserve it.

    Lastly, be Proud.  You are one of many who actually gives a shit. Many in this country have given in to the bystander effect, believing that someone else will go to the protests, someone else will vote him out, someone else will point out all the bullshit. Well, that someone else is us and we need to see this through to the end. Not because of partisanship, not because “we couldn’t get over losing in 2016”. We resist for children that are still in cages on the border. We fight against the racism and misogyny that is normalized by this Commander In Chief. We are the resistance for our children, grandchildren and families. We will be able to tell them of these dark days, and how we did everything we could to steer America back to a saner path. Keep fighting, keep sane. The Resistance is you. 
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