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Remember when Trump got impeached for trying to extort a foreign country into manufacturing scandal against Joe Biden?

Remember when Trump got impeached for trying to extort a foreign country into manufacturing scandal against Joe Biden?

Well, here we are. Joe Biden vs. Donald Trump. That Donald Trump would extort a foreign ally to manufacture a scandal originating from a debunked Russian talking point indicates that he was nervous about facing Joe Biden. Throughout the primaries, Trump and his Cadre of Republican sycophants tried to shift momentum to Bernie Sanders, and why not? Trump v. Sanders would have been a MUCH easier campaign to win as opposed to going against the guy who was Vice President throughout 8 years of economic recovery after the last Republican broke our economy.

After two years, countless Hatch Act violations, Logan Act violation, conspiracy, fraud and potential outright treason, Rudy Giuliani and his group of thugs were unable to convince Ukraine to manufacture this scandal against Joe Biden. Having been caught in the act, their attempt to scramble for a plan B had them pretending to fawn over Bernie Sanders and pushing the narrative of DNC conspiracy (successfully, some might say) to further divide the party.

Now, for the 2020 election, we see another unprecedented matchup that we will likely never see again: A President who was impeached for trying to manufacture scandal against his political opponent vs. the political opponent he attempted to impugn. The impeachment itself did nothing to sway Republican opinion, and the choice that they made with Trump will be an anchor that weighs them down forever. The predictions that Trump would break our economy, damage the respect we maintained, hopelessly divided our nations parties, and set into action one of the most egregious resource plunders in the history of our existence by appointing corrupt lobbyists and industry magnates to every cabinet position.

To say that we are about to experience one of humanities most consequential elections in the history of our species should be hyperbole, but it’s not. That Trump was elected while humanity was already dangling on the precipice of global catastrophe is also not hyperbole. If we can accept the truth of these two statements, then we must realize that we are living through one what will be forever known as the climax of humanities most significant era. What happens months from now will dictate the course of the human species, and may represent a turning point for us.

Do we want to, as a planet, go down the rabbit-hole of industry plunder and mass consumerism, hiding behind our borders and clutching to whatever we can amidst new shortages? Or do we want to come together as a planet, acknowledge our global economy, and find ways to work in collaboration with our environment, instead of at its expense?

It’s an important question to ask yourselves this November.

The primary point we are trying to make is this: As some of the most fringe Bernie supporters threaten to “take their ball and go home”, refusing to vote for Biden because he is not “progressive” enough or even going so far as to vote for Trump, understand that you are buying into the Trump administrations next cheat. That they are using 2016 conspiracy foundations to attack this election and divide the Sanders base from the DNC is blatant and obvious. Don’t be the next “Ukraine”, Sanders Camp. This is bigger than getting everything we want from a candidate.





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